Flexicube L15.2XL

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L15.2XLOtwarta przestrzeń do życia

Model L15.2XL modified shipping container (new/one way) made of weather-resistant corten steel. Corten steel has been specially designed and developed to minimize corrosion in the very harsh atmospheric conditions found in the marine environment.

Ceiling and interior walls, built in gypsum board, surface finished with gypsum board, and painted with Flugger paints.

After modifying the container, the facade was hydrodynamically painted with polyurethane paint.

  • 5Wymiary zewnętrzne: 3,00 x 6,38 x h 2,89 m, powierzchnia zabudowy 19 m².
  • 5Wymiary wewnętrzne: 2,55 x 5,90 x h 2,45 m, powierzchnia wewnętrzna 15 m².
  • 5Pomieszczenia: salon z aneksem kuchennym 12 m², łazienka 3 m².



Roof and walls made by spraying closed-cell polyurethane foam, 80-100 mm thick. Walls additionally insulated with mineral wool, 50 mm thick. Insulation of the floor with polyurethane board, 50 mm thick.


HS 3 pane sliding door package 300×240 cm. 205×237 cm FIX window. Tilt window 45×237 cm. Tilt window 55×237 cm in the bathroom with mirrored glass on both sides.


Flush-mounted, fittings (distribution board, sockets, switches).


Flush-mounted, welded PP, PVC sewer pipes. Connections brought out in the floor outside the container.


  • 5Ariston 15L Water Heater.
  • 5120×80 cm shower tray.
  • 5Shower cabin, stoneware tiles in the cabin.
  • 5Thermostatic shower faucet with rain shower head.
  • 5Bathroom countertop, plywood covered with glass.
  • 52 x under-counter cabinets 40 cm + 60 cm. Lacquered front.
  • 5White glass over the countertop.
  • 5Tilt window with mirrored glass on both sides.
  • 5Countertop washbasin.
  • 5Countertop washbasin faucet.
  • 5WC with concealed rack.
  • 5Doors with a concealed frame.
  • 5Terma bathroom radiator.
  • 5Infrared floor heating (WiFi)
  • 5Exhaust fan.


  • 5Kitchenette with the possibility of installing a sink for an additional fee (plumbing prepared).
  • 5IKEA veneer top 120 cm.
  • 5Under-counter cabinet 60 cm. Lacquered front.
  • 52 x wall cabinet 60 cm. Lacquered front.
  • 5Undercounter refrigerator 91l.
  • 5Closet 125 x 245 cm. Lacquered front + mirror.
  • 5Connection for air conditioning. Possibility to install air conditioning for an additional fee.
  • 5Independent infrared mid-floor heating (WiFi)
  • 58 x interior and 1 x exterior led lighting.
  • 5Floor LVT panel 8 mm. Skirting boards 10 cm Cubu-flex.
  • 5Thermo wood facade panel.