Model L30 – Home

Incredibly versatile for those who like to be everywhere. Its design allows for frequent mobility. Fancy living in different parts of the world every season? Everything is possible. The only limit is imagination…

L30 is:

• Prepared from 1 40HC container (dim. 12.19 m x 2.44 m x 2.89 m),
• A combination of practical solutions and a modern design,
• Simple assembly reduces costs up to the working hours of the crane and two people
• Design guarantees high mobility “summer on the beach, winter at the slope”,
• For placing everywhere, even where there is no consensus for traditional solutions,
• Does not require building permits or foundations,
• New era of weekend houses, all-year mini-suites,
• The perfect complement to the accommodation for resorts/hotels,
• Leasing is possible.

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