Model F30 – Home

Beautiful, isn’t it? Its surface and unusual shape allow to arrange space in many ways. It can be your home- with a dining room, a kitchen, a living room. You can set up your office here. What else comes to your mind? Everything is possible. The only limit is imagination…

F30 is:
• Prepared of 1 container cut into two elements 7 and 5m, it is 30 sqm of building area,
• Does not require building permits or foundations,
• Mobile: Installation/adjustment within a few hours,
• One-platform transport,
• Building full of natural light with very good thermal insulation (U 0.16 W/(m² × K)),
• Minimalistic solution with optimal space arrangement, ensures the realization of any user needs,
• Fully refined and well-proven, the possibility of leasing.

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